As an End of Life Doula, I’m an advocate for your choice and I will support you and your family until your last breath. My purpose is to nurture ones physical, emotional and spiritual needs as they approach the end of their life.

COMPANIONSHIP – Pay hourly or weekly. Packages available.
My passion is in helping our elderly community live their life out to their best, whatever that means for them. I make visits to check in and care for your loved one, their home, pets and family. I provide detailed activity logs of our conversations and adventures. I love to go for car rides and listen to stories of the past. I make sure they are safe in their home and taken care of as you see fit. I provide dying breath, around-the-clock care as needed.

If needed, I will drive and accompany you or your loved one to every treatment and take notes. I’ll dance and sing to help ease fear. I am confident in telling the world that I was made for this alone 😉

I’ll gladly grocery shop and run errands. I’ll deliver groceries with a smile and sanitize everything to your comfort. I take all measures to ensure I don’t bring death near anyone. I am here to support you until the end… even if you’re watching me from the window.

Advance Care Planning and Mental Wellness
I serve virtually for support as well. Phone calls, FaceTime or Zoom calls for venting, centering or end of life planning. I facilitate Advance Care Plan discussions using the Respecting Choices® model, my giant, open heart and ability to help you smile through it all, including the tears. I can talk you through guided meditations or lend a deep listening ear. I can help you establish a selfcare routine and guide you to love yourself to death.

MEMORIAL GIFTS – Priced by consultation only
I also create unique memorial gifts such as shadow boxes, memorial party favors, bears, pillows and other various creative items to memorialize your loved one.

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