My Compass

Adam competed in the 2017 Honda TopTech competition on Saturday, 10/13. Honda brings together the top .06% Honda technicians in America to test their skills.

He went as a true professional without ego and won third place in our zone. He is a freaking rockstar. 
After 23 years with Superior Automotive, the past 16 years being a Honda Master Technician, Adam is retiring from dealer life. He’s graciously accepted an offer from an American company who is genuinely excited to bring him in as part of their award-winning team.

Adam was given a lovely bag of Honda swag, money, room and board for his accomplishments. We’re grateful for his career at Brighton Honda, as he wouldn’t be the technician he is without all of the experience he’s gained.

This man of mine… He’s my compass. He’s always striving for calabiration. He has worked so hard and has kept focused. He’s the pull east to my total western ways. Team Briggs is headed north. We’ve got a great set of tools. 😉✨🥉🔧

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