:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 11

Day 11. Can we call today RELEASE?!

Ahhhhhh. So good. So good. I rested hard last night. On the couch, then to bed. All the sleeps. Very good.

4:44 am Rachel remembers that she feels way better when Ashley drives 😊 I prefer the feeling of not leaving my woods physically alone 🤷🏻‍♀️

5:15 am in Highland had me super frustrated with my body but smiling so freaking big. On the inside anyway 😬

Huge thanks to HollyLindseyChris and Ashley for guiding me through this morning. I don’t count well within those walls 🤦🏻‍♀️ I prefer to do the least amount of thinking because it takes so much brain power to try and move my body. Thank you for helping me along 🙏🏼

And to Bill – ALWAYS huge thanks to Bill for such solid support and encouragement 🙏🏼👊🏼

Even when he tells you to push some wonky looking metal thing across a green stage. Then people start to cheer for you 😨 I couldn’t move any faster without stumbling and busting my teeth out. I just wanted to be done 😳 But I did it multiple times. It was easier the second time. I got out of my head by moving and breathing and sweating and dancing just a little bit to Bill’s fun music selection! 🙌🏼❤️🎶

Then, Katie 💖 Thank you for connecting with me since day 1, girl 🙏🏼 I have so many happy emojis for you! Patience, kindness and balance. I feel it. We’re all in this together. It’s a thing! ✌🏼❤️💪🏼

Killer workout surrounded by the most positive energy from the beginning until the end 

My husband was standing on a log waiting for me when we pulled in. “Yes, Ash. He’s always on a log. Or in a tree. Or on a bike. Doing tricks. Human monkey.”

I thanked him for his support, gave him a smooch and sent him on his way with my heart smiling because he’s driving to his dream job 🚲 It’s been a hard road, but our souls finally smiled at each other this morning. So good 

Legit smiling through it all over here 😊🚪💫

Sitting in so much gratitude 💖

Ready to do my day 💥👊🏼❤️

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