:: 21 Day Challenge :: THE RESULTS

Three weeks ago I joined a challenge at Ashley’s gym, 100% free of charge. I committed to going to a minimum of 3 classes a week, following the nutrition guidelines and tracking my food using the MyFitnessPal app.

Day 1, I stood on a robot that I named Rosie (from the Jetson’s). Rosie is smart. She’s the gym robot who is there to tell us the numbers – lean muscle mass, fatness, hydration – the “inside your skin sack” measurements. Lots of numbers.

Rosie read me on day 1 before my first class. I remember it like yesterday. For real.

Then I gymmed for 21 days.

It happened like this:
4 days on / 2 days off / 5 on / 1 off / 2 on / 1 off / 3 on / 2 off / on the last day

I’ve walked an average of 5 miles a day for the past couple of years. I started jogging the last week. I had very few poor-nutrition days – my will power was pretty killer. I committed to changing my life 21 days ago.

I wiped my feet and stepped onto Rosie this morning. I held her “hands” while she sang a little ditty and scanned this hot bod 🔥😉

She spit out results that my #gymsquad assures me are very good. I lost 4% body fat and gained 2 lbs of muscle 🤷🏻‍♀️🔥💪🏼

Sounds good, right?! But want to know what’s better than the way it sounds? Dun dun dun…


I’m starting to love living in *this* body. Like, I kind of like being my own skin again 😍 I don’t really mind looking at myself in the mirror. However, I’m very frustrated because my current wardrobe is too big. But I get to buy smaller clothes that are just my style! I’ve shrunk out of my old Rachel clothes. All of them. It feels amazing.

It feels so good to have my husband actually notice me 🥰 He’s always loved me, he has just always really super sucked at telling me how great I am 🤷🏻‍♀️ He loves seeing me feel so good. He FEELS how much happier I am. He’s happier. He’s pretty proud of the commitment I’ve made. I am too.

I lost a few pounds, but I lost so much more than physical weight. I gained strength, but I gained so much more than physical strength. So much more. My heart is so full ❤️

I’m so grateful for Bonnie Barrows-Kussmaul and Rachelle Seguin at TRV|FIT in Highland and Hartland for hosting this challenge. You and your community have spent 21 days helping me change my life. I *WOULD NOT* have done this without Ashley Marie, but I *COULD NOT* have done this without all of you – Bonnie, Rachelle, Ashley, KatieBillHollyLindseyChrisBret and Carlos – I’m forever grateful for the energy you’ve provided along the way. This whole gym thing was a really big step for me. Thank you so much for all of your help 🙏🏼

Another big thank you goes out to everyone that I share gym space with while I’m there – I appreciate all the energy you provide. I feel your struggles and your success. We’re all in this together 💛

And for anyone following… I’m so thankful that my words have resonated with you! It helps me knowing that the vulnerability (courage) of documenting my journey actually inspires others. Thank you for reading my guts 😊

I’m proud of the MIND work I’ve done to get my BODY working as hard as it has been these past 3 weeks. I’m guided by my SOUL (and my gym angels and shepherds ☺️).

Mind. Body. Soul. It’s all balance 💖

And it’s only just begun 😉

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