::Setting yourself up for success::

Wakey wakey! Eyes open. Give thanks. Shower cold. Drink water. Eat apples – chewing every bite with intention. Nom nom nom.

Instead of worrying about the day ahead of me, I’m choosing to believe it’s going to be simple; I’ve got one job to do. It’s going to be easy; I’m here for a single purpose and it happens to come to me from balanced energy. And it’ll be fun; I’ll be with my family cherishing memories of the past and figuring out the future.

I can do this.

Make Saturday great, folks. Regardless of what crappy situation you’re dealing with, chose to make it better.

One step, one breath at a time.

#smilingthroughitall #becomingabetterme #wearefamily

::Sowing Seeds::

I rested so well last night. I woke up and called upon an angel friend who filled my heart with happiness. Thank you, Tara Whitmire. I love you wholeheartedly 🌟🙏🏼💗

I showered cold to balance my energy. I crunched veggies and drank coffee.

My boys and I dressed in our best John Deere apparel and are driving country roads up to celebrate grandpa’s life. Lots of farm fields from Howell through Byron. There’s a lot of life out here.

I’m looking forward to today! I get to be with the most important people in my world – my family – including my sisters that aren’t even blood.

Greyson and I will cry as we plant his great grandpa, my grandpa, next to my grandma Barb. They will rest so well tonight. On earth and in our heavens.

In true Team Briggs fashion, you better believe we will be smiling 😊 through 🚪 it all 💫

#schneiderfarms #smilingthroughitall #becomingabetterme #wearefamily #plantinglife #growthroughwhatyougothrough


My cup is so balanced right meow 😽😌🌟My amazing sisters held me in their hands and hearts for 3 years while I grew into the light I’m shining. These girls literally sent me life and I’m forever grateful. I’m speechless! 💛🌟🙏🏼😶

#growthroughwhatyougothrough #smilingthroughitall #becomingabetterme #sistersfromanothermother #balance #schneiderfarms

I love you so much Michelle and Shannon!

::Grandpa Schneider::




1. the male head of a family or tribe.

2. any of those biblical figures regarded as fathers of the human race, especially Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, their forefathers, or the sons of Jacob.

My grandpa is a man of faith and will live within my spirit forever. Please join us in celebrating his life this Friday!

I can’t wait to be with all of my people 🌟💛🌟




:: Courage::

Whatever your trouble is, take a breath. It doesn’t have to be deep. Just breathe.

Not two breaths. Just one at a time.

That breath can be the hardest work you’ve ever had to do.

As an infant, it’s your first breath outside of the womb. For others, it may just be another morning. Or maybe it’s the last breath you’re going to take.

The courage comes and you do it. Because that’s what we do. We breathe and move forward. Wherever forward is, it’s where we’re going.

And you’ll never get there until you just take a breath.




::High on life, then life happens::

Yesterday was the best day I’ve had in many moons. It started with a conversation about getting to the next level – my next chapter in life. I am so freaking hopeful and inspired!

Enter suffering. The contrast to the sunshine that helps me grow; darkness.

My mom’s dad is declining at a super quick rate and he’s suffering. My mom is losing her dad and she’s suffering. My gentle and kind aunt has been his caregiver through this and she’s suffering. My family is suffering. We’re down to his last breaths and it’s tough.

But, how do I handle death? It’s been a long time since I’ve suffered a death. How do I help Greyson handle human death? This is new for us. We live through the circle of life with animals and plants, almost daily. But not the loss of human life.

First, I talked to my people. I have a couple amazing souls in my life that helped me center myself.

I cried.

Then I focused on living.

Life stuff isn’t easy. Some things can be easy, but death – eeeeeeeek – it can be so hard.

But it’s all about perspective.

So tonight, I took a shower and I washed off the day. I drank water. I made my room dark. I’m getting ready to close my eyes and notice the silence. I made it through today and you know what? I’m going to make it through tomorrow.

Friday is a new day and it’s going to hurt. But we’re going to get through.

Not only does the sunshine help me grow, but so does the dark.


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