::Three Positives and One Negative::

::Three Positives and One Negative::

+ I’ve spent time laughing with my mom, aunt and cousins all day and night.

+ Greyson suffered so freaking well with me yesterday. That boy 😍 We’ve got light 🙏🏼

+ A woman that I never met until yesterday commented on how pretty I am. The kicker: I’m not wearing a speck of makeup.

– About 4 feet away from me, our 85 year old patriarch has “the death rattle” like whoa.

Another round? K 👍🏻😉

+ I slept on the floor and my body feels great!

+ I haven’t spent this much time with my mom’s side of the family in so many moons ❤️

+ Teamwork. We are helping each other help grandpa get to his next chapter with such graciousness.

– Professional athletes. I’m just not into the fact that baseball players get paid to play baseball. And they look all serious, like, they’re not smiling and having fun. It’s a freaking sport. Smile! Use all that damn energy and money to be a positive change in the world 🙄

K, friends. I smell coffee. Let’s do Saturday with a smile 😘






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