::I had a meeting with Jesus::

There were 4 females physically present. Two of which have admirable faith in the Jesus Christ.

It was an uncomfortable, overdue conversation. There were a lot of feelings. There was a lot of energy to manage.

It was calm. Their words were pure kindness and truth, totally rooted in love. In peace. Jesus was present through these two earthly beauties as they brought love and kindness to our conversation through their love for Him.

I’m not a religious gal. Spiritual AF, but I’m not religious. Or maybe I am and my religion is love ✌🏻❀️🌈 I’m 100% down with our creator and live for the greater good on the daily. By the minute.

I don’t worship Jesus, but I totally respect him. Jesus loved so hard. I dream of loving so hard πŸ’› I will continue to try so hard πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ Unconditionally. Non judgmentally. Wholeheartedly.

All while smiling through it all 😊πŸšͺπŸ’«

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