::I’ve been snoozing::

I haven’t been taking care of myself super great lately. Self care has been a sad story to tell. Busy isn’t an excuse and I’m not waiting until the new year to make changes. The time is meow.

I snoozed twice this morning, but after the second alarm, I 54321 put my feet on the floor and woke up. #the5secondrule

Stretchy stretchy. I moved my body in all sorts of ways. #selfcare

Laced my boots. Stepped into my snowshoes. Hit the trails.

5:30 am winter walks aren’t that bad. At all. I’m actually feeling as grounded as I’ve been in awhile. This is my new thing… until the seasons change and I can let my toes squish in the mud again 🙃

Make Monday as great as it will be out here in the woods!


#smilingthroughitall #becomingabetterme #winterwalks #itsawonderfulworld #imjusttryingtogetsomewhere #scaredtotakethenorthtrail

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