:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 5

Challenge Day 5: Self proclaimed Rest Day.

Legit sad not to see Ashley today or go to her happy place 😕 I totally felt hungover when I woke up this morning after getting 9 hours of sleep 😳 It was tough to get up and moving.

I took my boys to do a Cub Scout service project in the morning and I worked on sitting, squatting and not freaking out over creepy crawlies and ticks.

I spent A LOT of time today figuring out my nutrition business following the suggested diet. I’ve been eating clean, but I haven’t been able to hit my daily macro goals. I figured it out. A lightbulb went off. I’m close to hitting the percentages now, but now I need to increase intake. Simple for others, tough for me. But I got it!

No real highs or lows today… Fairly calm was pretty nice. But I did miss feeling that “high” after a 45 minute sweat sesh with all the people wearing shoes on their feet 🤣 It just makes me that much more excited for Monday!

Now that I have this nutrition stuff figured out, I’m kind of feeling like next week will be even better than the last ⭐️💪🏼😊

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