:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 13

Challenge day 13.

Ashley picked me up today 😌

7:45 am class in Highland with Chris 💗🔥💪🏼 I’m certain this amazing woman is here to strengthen my wings 😊 Well, more like my whole body, but maybe an emphasis on my wings ☺️

I seriously get confused at the beginning of class when trainers are going through the workout. It’s so quick. And I can’t help but laugh at half of the movements, thinking that there’s no way I can do it. Funny that I always do, even if it’s modified 🌟

I started to understand the writing on the whiteboard today! It’s getting a bit familiar now. But I learned new exercises. I always learn new exercises. A few of which I really, really don’t like.

Why not? The exercises that I dislike the most really make me feel my weakness.

They remind me of the myomectomy and c-sections that killed my core muscles. Pure weakness that I cannot hide from any more. This area, especially my lower abs, is super hard work for me.

They remind me that my shoulders are mush. I know with patience and persistence they will strengthen and I’ll feel better than ever. Right now I feel totally freaking weak.

I smiled through it all. I found myself a spot of sun in the doorway while we spent time on our backs, struggling and pretty much dying at the end of class. The sunshine and a hug from Chris were the highlights of my day at the gym 🌞💖

I drank another smoothie and my belly isn’t happy. I haven’t been eating enough, nor the proper balance of macros today. I’ve swallowed two pieces of gum. I haven’t drank enough water. I drank a couple cups of coffee. Meh.

But the rain 😌 It’s time to chill with the water and wash today away.

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