:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 15

Challenge day 15.

After a fairly gentle battle between my brain and body, at 4 am, I cancelled my 5:15 am class in Highland.

I’ve been processing the feelings since then. Guilt is lingering. I miss the energy, the people, the burn, the sweat 😐

But I also got to snuggle extra with my husband, crawl straight into a hot bath and I stretched deeper, knowing I made the right decision 😌

I received too many signs I needed to rest after yesterday’s workout. I’m not injured, but a few parts that have never been worked so hard in their life want me to chill for a minute. It’s time to burn slow, girl 🔥

Thank you, Ashley, for reminding me to listen to my body. People might want to steal your goats, but you are truly a fantastic shepherd 😘🐐👊🏼Your guidance and honesty are more than appreciated 🙏🏼

No gym this morning, but I’ll do the right movements to honor myself throughout the day 💗🕊💪🏼👣🌳🌞🕉

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