:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 16

Day 16/21 😐

I was irritated my alarm went off. I’m pretty sure I swore at it out loud. I even texted Ashley my unhappiness with my alarm. I went through the motions and left on time. I drove. I parked.

Bill was the spark I needed this morning ⚡️ His 4:45 am class in Hartland really is one of my favorite ways to start the day 🌞💪🏼🔥 Bill brings such great energy – the super positive stuff that sometimes you REALLY need to face another day. His hype guy spirit is on point ⚡️👌🏼

Todays workout was hard. My energy was low. I couldn’t keep up with Ashley for freaking anything. I couldn’t figure out how to count and go from one thing to another without looking at the board every other second. I was not comfortable in my tank top. I cannot stand the shoes I wear at the gym. My pushups are so very sad. I hate hate hate burpees.

I was there and I did the things as best as I could at that time. I showed up and that part is really hard. I feel a bit heavy today – in my head and in my body. It happens sometimes. I’m getting better at becoming aware of it, feeling it out, processing it and letting it pass.

I’m thankful it’s still so early and that I have all day to make it great 😊🚪💫

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