:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 18

Challenge day 18/21 😊

That 4 am alarm rings early. Especially after forcing creativity while pushing pixels at your squat desk all night 🖥🎨 My brain, eyes and legs are very tired.

5:15 am class in Highland with Katie, Bill, Holly, Chris, Darrick, Rachelle, Bret and Ashley was comfortable. Like, #gymsquad comfortable 💛💪🏼 So good 😌

However, Katie’s warmups were tough on me 😳 I had a hard time starting my body this morning. I was not properly fueled (yummy potluck at the scout roundtable I attended last night) and little sleep (work). But I followed the board, worked on my form and stopped lunging when my lungers told me to stop. They were/are toast 🔥

Cheering for the challengers over in the corner got super intense at one point 😅👏🏼⚡️ I was envisioning myself on a mountain, skiing hard (getting my 10 cal cardio in on the ski machine contraption). The cheering took me out of my mountain headspace and put me in someone else’s. Everyone was watching them 👀 That challenger was trying their freaking hardest at that very second. They were giving it their all, regardless of whatever was going on in their world. Their community was throwing so much energy at them to keep pushing. I hope the challenger harnessed that energy and hit record numbers 💥👊🏼💥 That was magic 

I got a sweaty hug from my warmest gym angel, Chris 🤗 Today was my first class with Chris in a couple of days! She pushes me in the kindest, most amazing way in every class I take, whether she’s physically present or not. I’m so grateful for your spirit, Chris 🙏🏼💛 You are so special 💖

At the end, I stole a sweaty selfie while Ash was owning that bar 💪🏼 She touches it at the end of class every day. Pull-ups and, well, bar-work in general intimidates me. Ashley has strength goals. I love it 💥👊🏼💖

I took your reminders to move at my own pace to heart and into the gym today. Thank you for helping me through this 💛

I experienced discomfort in a comfortable setting. Balance. I pushed and rested. Balance. I physically tried to balance on one leg while holding a kettlebell 🤷🏻‍♀️ Not great balance, but it’s about PROGRESS and not PERFECTION. All the positive reminders ☺️

Busy Friday, busy weekend, busy mind. Making a list and doing the things. Stretching my lunge-rebelling muscles and the rest of this body. Working. Drinking water. Creating. Getting sun. Lots of driving. People-ing. Family time. Smiling through it all 💛

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