:: 21 Day Challenge :: The End of Day 18

So, today…

1. It was the first time I wore my ropes down in weeks. My shoulders and arms have hurt too bad to hold them above my head to palm roll the kinks out of my dreadlocks 🐙💪🏼🔥

2. I walked a lot. I even ran. But then I took my shoes off and picked up sticks with my toes on our trails. It was challenging and fun!

3. I bought a new swimsuit and wore it with my leggings all afternoon 😎

4. I put my hair back up on top of my head. That was fun while it lasted 🤣

I got some work done without any difficulties. I got an approval on a big print job. I did some laundry. I ran errands. I fed myself. I fed my people. I get to sleep in tomorrow. I’m good. So good 😌

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