:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 19

Challenge day 19 – gym day at Chateau Briggs!

I needed to gym today. My body wanted it. Well, it didn’t want lunges or burpees, but it wanted everything else that the gym offers!

It wasn’t an option to leave the house because Adam was working and M was back at her moms. I put on my shoes, found a HIIT circuit video on YouTube, channelled my inner gym goddess and started moving to the best of my ability without a live trainer or my #gymsquad. But everyone was with me in spirit ☺️

I sweated at home and it was great! I needed it. I prefer to drive to the gym at the buttcrack of dawn to sweat, no doubt. But I’m proud that I did the gym stuff at my house. I actually made myself do it. That’s huge progress for me!

As I was plugging my phone into the stereo in the basement, I dropped it face first onto the concrete. The screen shattered into a million pieces. That’s super unfortunate 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ll be heading to get that fixed tomorrow 🤦🏻‍♀️

Good and bad. Yin and yang. They come together 😐

We cleaned up nicely and headed to graduation parties when Adam got out of work. I got a lot of warm hugs, peeped a couple beautiful babies, played with a tiny beast and ate way, way, way too much sugar. My body feels super swollen. Like, every cell feels bloated 😣

Today was great, aside from my nutrition. You can’t win them all, right?! The highs were so good that they outweigh the lows. Balance. It’s all balance.

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