::step 1: take off your shoes::

You’ve got to feel it all. Every single rock, blade of grass, grain of wood. Let your feet touch the surfaces they were meant to.

Stop. Be perfectly quiet. Now listen, really listen to your body. Sometimes it’s telling you to move, to run, to dance. And sometimes it’s telling you that it’s time to be still, to feel your breath, to become aware of your senses again. Dare to do nothing for a moment, and let your body fill the silence. For only when you truly listen will your next step be the right one.

So I took off my shoes. Now I’m standing here getting ready to change everything about my life. The way I move, eat, think, look, spend money, spend time. It’s a whole lot of change at once. Change needs to be made and change is going to happen. I am committed and excited. I am surrounded by an amazing support system and can’t wait to see who I am going to chisel out of this facade. I want to live a truly happy life.

I took off my shoes. Literally starting from the ground up, I’m creating a better me by simply listening to my body and feeling the earth under my feet. Even when I step on a pokey rock and start to miss my shoes, I’ll be smiling through it all.

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