::Chloe Nichole::

If my math is correct, Chloe has been with me for roughly 17 years. I’m 34. She’s been with me for half of my life.

Never mind the fact that I’m crazy allergic to her and I’m like, the worst cat Mom ever.

Homegirl has been deteriorating so quickly this past week. I’ve picked up on the dying vibe. She’s sick sick sick.

I haven’t played God with an animal in over 18 years. Pugsley was a good dog and I’ll never forget my heartache saying goodbye to that guy. It hurts now.

We’ve got until 5:30 pm tomorrow (Tuesday) to say our goodbyes to Chloe cat. She doesn’t deserve to suffer any longer.

Please hold Madeline, G and I close to your heart these next couple of days. Send us some sunshine (I’m running pretty low). Teaching your kids to suffer well is one of the hardest parenting things I’ve been dealt with. But I’ll do it until the day I die.

And just like LL Cool J, we’re doin’ it and doin’ it and doin’ it well 💛

#becomingabetterme #smilingthroughitall #chloenichole #fureverfriends #sufferingsucks #thesufferingisalmostover #thesufferingneverstops #changeyourperspective #sufferwell

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