:: When One Door Closes ::

I held the refrigerator door open for a man at the grocery store tonight. I giggled and told him I didn’t want to squish his head ☺️

He told me not to worry – he’s survived 3 closed head injuries and the door couldn’t hurt him.

I smiled and told him I’m so happy that he’s here standing in front of me and it’s nice to see his smile.

He told me he’s here because of Jesus. That he fought until finally surrendering in 1994.

I smiled warmly and told him I think that’s wonderful.

He asked me if I liked jerky and pulled out a bag from his pocket. He said he makes it with hotdogs and they aren’t on sale anymore.

I thanked him kindly and told him to have a beautiful evening. I watched him wander through the store, chatting with himself as people backed away from him.

I held the “jerky” with gratitude. I took a deep breath. He slowed me down after leaving my house angrily. He centered me. He reminded me to hold onto my faith, not asking or judging me for what I believe in, but proudly speaking of his savior. A reminder to love harder than ever.

No, I didn’t eat the jerky. I loved it though.

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  1. These are possibly there most beautiful words I’ve read and felt in a very long time (other than my incredible soon calling me “MA”).

    I wish we would ALL slow down, be present and non-judgemental, let go of the angry, and breathe love.

    I have also been in the journey of self-love while re-centering my life (still working on that) and working towards my death doula certification (been working as on for about 20 years without knowing it was “a thing”). But life is chairs at the moment and like most of us, I need to reel it in.

    I also am familiar and have trained and ( continue to) with Merilyn Rush… Just so you know I’m not a weird stalker 😂

    I can feel your energy through the screen and wonder if I could schedule a time with you either virtually/phone/in person to discuss your journey and possibly to bounce ideas amongst ourselves. I’m truly feeling this is the boat I need to motivate me to reenergize myself.

    Please let me know either way. Thank you so much for the time you took to read my verbal vomit.

    Warmest Regards from a fellow seeker and Mom

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