:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 8

Challenge Day 8. Kinda high-ish energy in the morning, happy, dirty feet and wild boys in the afternoon, low energy in the evening.

Too many feelings today, to be completely honest. New moon got me trippin’ 🌚

I couldn’t figure out what was happening when my alarm went off this morning. It clicked in (kind of) but I did the wake up thing on my second alarm. This was the first day I didn’t wake up alert.

No Ashley today and it was an uncomfortable thought, but I didn’t let it become a feeling. I wasn’t alone. Being alone isn’t a thing when you are inside of those walls. It’s a great place to feel like you’re part of something good 💛

Today’s workout highlights include:

• Katie and Carlos – you guys were just what I needed today. Thank you for burning slow with me ☺️🙏🏼🔥💪🏼

• Outside time! I belong outdoors. Maybe not running in tennis shoes on asphalt, but it’s a great variance to my normal barefoot jogs 🤷🏻‍♀️ It was just really nice to get the fresh air 🌳

• Hangs! I’ve been trying to hang for awhile. My first hang today was comfy. But not after burpees. My hang game sucks even worse then. Burpees suck. I do not enjoy them. I tried my hardest.

• Squat pulses (or something like that) killed my soul. My body rebelled. Big time. But I practiced for the rest of the day and I think I’m getting the hang of it ☺️

• I met Lindsey and watched her bust out burpees like athletic people do. Impressive and inspiring, girl!

My nutrition is STILL on point and I’m super proud of that ⭐️ My fuel is good. It feels good!

Today was a long day. Feeling all the feels (x10) and really just ready to crawl in bed and sleep.

My body wants a good stretch. A foam roller. Slow jams. Moon light… I’m always rushing time 😏

Here’s to a less heavier day tomorrow. I get to sweat in a brand new shirt at 4:45 am! It’s going to get so wet 😝

:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 7

Challenge Day 7, folks! First week with shoes on at a gym in the books!

Another wake up without an alarm kind of morning ☺️ Today was the first day I drove myself to make myself sweat like a beast at 4:45 am. That takes some will power, people! High five to every soul in that room. For real. It’s hard that early. Even 5:15 am is easier than 4:45 am.

I met Rachelle 🙏🏼⭐️💪🏼

Between Ashley next to me pushing herself while (kind of) smiling at me (sometimes) and Rachelle’s not super gentle but authentic and kind encouragement, I kept trying my freaking hardest. My Nahko shirt was soaked. I love sweating in that shirt ✌🏼🧡 🎶

Thank you for this morning, Rachelle. You set me up for a fantastic day 🙌🏼

I drove home to my favorite songs and showered ice cold for far too many songs. Adam and I learned about the Wim Hof Method a couple years ago and it’s changed my life. I’ll leave the link here if you’re interested ❄️💨❄️

I’ve also adjusted my macros based on the recommended nutrition guide for the program. Getting over the number of carbs is huge for me. Good thing I’m like, totally becoming a professional at getting over stuff 💁🏻‍♀️Not so much 😬

I’ll take all your good vibes to carry me through the breaking dumb beliefs about nutrition once and for all 

Good carbs are our friends. Lots of fat hurts a gallbladderless body. I’ve got this balance. We good. We good 🙌🏼

It’s a busy day and I’m wearing my favorite pants today. They already fit me better than they did a week ago 😍

:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 6

Challenge Day 6. Another day not at the gym. I feel guilty. Back at it tomorrow at 4:45 am. Always nervous, but totally excited.

I have the opportunity to go as much as I want for 21 days. I agreed to go at least 3 times a week for 3 weeks. 5/7 days isn’t that bad for a total newbie 😉

I meal prepped straight from the nutrition guide that came with the program. Shopping took a bit longer, but I’m so ready to rock this week, starting with a new moon 🌑💪🏼💥

:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 5

Challenge Day 5: Self proclaimed Rest Day.

Legit sad not to see Ashley today or go to her happy place 😕 I totally felt hungover when I woke up this morning after getting 9 hours of sleep 😳 It was tough to get up and moving.

I took my boys to do a Cub Scout service project in the morning and I worked on sitting, squatting and not freaking out over creepy crawlies and ticks.

I spent A LOT of time today figuring out my nutrition business following the suggested diet. I’ve been eating clean, but I haven’t been able to hit my daily macro goals. I figured it out. A lightbulb went off. I’m close to hitting the percentages now, but now I need to increase intake. Simple for others, tough for me. But I got it!

No real highs or lows today… Fairly calm was pretty nice. But I did miss feeling that “high” after a 45 minute sweat sesh with all the people wearing shoes on their feet 🤣 It just makes me that much more excited for Monday!

Now that I have this nutrition stuff figured out, I’m kind of feeling like next week will be even better than the last ⭐️💪🏼😊

:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 4

Day 4 is starting out strong 💪🏼🔥🍑

I woke up without an alarm, feeling physically better than I have all week. I am so sore. My muscles have been turned on and they are showing up with every move I make. What up, lower abs?! Nice to meet you 🤣

5:15 am, stretched and got to work with my new friend Bill leading our class. Ashley had to do her challenge first thing, so my new friend Holly got to make my dreams come true this morning!

I whispered, “I’ve never done battle ropes before. But guess what?! It’s one of my dreams!”

It was pretty cool actually. Ash was cheering on cousin Darrick while I was trying my hardest to go apeshit on some giant ropes (which are totally freaking humbling, but I think I fell in love 😍). The community within those walls is incredible. I just can’t say enough about it 💖

I’m not sure if it was written on my high school weight room wall or if it’s something my brother brought home from the Marines, but the saying “Pain is weakness leaving the body” has resonated with me for many years. But never, ever like this. I can literally feel my mind and body getting stronger on the daily. Every time I move and with the fuel I put into my body. Every time I dance with my hoop and every word I type.

Strength is a feeling. I like this feeling way better than how I was previously feeling 💖

I’m taking the weekend off from workout sessions and using the next 2 days to find balance in my daily schedule to ensure I’m strengthening my mobility.

All the things, people. There are so many things to do. But I’m doin’ it, and doin’ it and doin’ it well 😉

:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 3

Challenge day 3 was different that the past 2 days. I got more sleep. I didn’t go to an early class. I woke up and worked for an hour and a half. Anxiety spiked. Went to counseling. I didn’t eat or drink enough throughout the day.

I got super nervous before class because I didn’t know if my sponsor was going to make it. Tears, scared of being without her. Then I remembered how awesome I am and I trusted that someone in the room would help me 🧡 I breathed through it with positive affirmations.

I am. I can. I will. All the things ⭐️

A little glitch in scheduling delayed class for enough time that she arrived. I didn’t want to do it without her and after all that anxiety, I didn’t have to. It all worked out. So we did, too 🔥💪🏼⚡️

Truth is that I didn’t know how I was going to move today. My body is shoulders-to-ankles sore from the past two days. In a good way. But as soon as people start moving around you and you start moving, you forget the sore.

I’m a huge believer in the transfer of energy. I’m very sensitive to it. Being in a room full of people who are there to better themselves through moving their body is a great feeling to me. People who can smile while they’re kicking their own ass, hold space for others and throw good energy around are the people I want to be around. I need them.

To my pleasant surprise, Katie came in to lead the class 💛 She smiles with her eyes, gives me thumbs ups and takes my picture. I’m very grateful for her energy and her playlist was tons of fun 🎶

Physically though…
I jumped on a box, people! Like, more than a handful of times! Granted it was a very small box, but I did it! I took a wall ball to the face. That’s a thing. I did pushups like an awkward squatting dog. That’s uncomfortable and very humbling.

Today was a mind/body struggle, but my soul was good. It IS good. SO good. I’m drinking water in a candlelit jacuzzi listening to my favorite music 💖 Totally looking forward to Ash picking me up at the end of my driveway before the birds wake up tomorrow ☺️

Even on the tough days, I choose to smile through it all 😊🚪💫

:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 2

4:45 am class with Bill in Hartland has me feeling like some sort of warrior 🔥💪🏼🔥🍑🔥 Thank you, kind sir, for your assistance and motivation ⭐️🙏🏼⭐️

I am pleasantly surprised about how good I feel today. Not that yesterday didn’t kick my butt, but I ate super good and just making it through Day 1 is an accomplishment!

Yes, it’s early, but it sets you up for the day. When you do the work first thing, you don’t want to ruin it by making bad choices throughout the rest of the day.

Good fuel, lotsa water, jacuzzi, shower, hoop dancing and I’d say I’m ready to do Wednesday 💥👊🏼💥

:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 1

Up at 3:33 am – no alarm needed. I waited for her at the end of my driveway. It was pitch black. I heard the deer huffing. I was sweating already.

We walked into the building. I met her people. I followed her around like a puppy, then she left me with a warm, kind, motivating woman who showed me the ropes.

I sweated harder than I’ve ever sweat in my life. I believe in smiling through it all, which I did, but apparently my face shows everything and my smile wasn’t very convincing 😬

We stretched and bumped fists. “See you at the 4:45 am class tomorrow!”

On the way home, I was salivating uncomfortably. She pulled over so I could puke. I didn’t – I breathed through it. She gave me gum, we chatted and I calmed down.

She delivered me to my house. I grabbed a smoochie from AJB as he headed to work. I went straight to the jacuzzi. Comfort at last 😌

Day 1 of this 21 day challenge started before the birds woke up. I’m trusting myself and my people more than I’m doubting myself and my people. I have the support I need. I’m kind of ridiculously excited ✌🏼💖💪🏼

:: When One Door Closes ::

I held the refrigerator door open for a man at the grocery store tonight. I giggled and told him I didn’t want to squish his head ☺️

He told me not to worry – he’s survived 3 closed head injuries and the door couldn’t hurt him.

I smiled and told him I’m so happy that he’s here standing in front of me and it’s nice to see his smile.

He told me he’s here because of Jesus. That he fought until finally surrendering in 1994.

I smiled warmly and told him I think that’s wonderful.

He asked me if I liked jerky and pulled out a bag from his pocket. He said he makes it with hotdogs and they aren’t on sale anymore.

I thanked him kindly and told him to have a beautiful evening. I watched him wander through the store, chatting with himself as people backed away from him.

I held the “jerky” with gratitude. I took a deep breath. He slowed me down after leaving my house angrily. He centered me. He reminded me to hold onto my faith, not asking or judging me for what I believe in, but proudly speaking of his savior. A reminder to love harder than ever.

No, I didn’t eat the jerky. I loved it though.

:: Good Grief ::

I’m soaking in my second bath in less than 12 hours under the full moon. I’m resting better every night. I actually made it through night 3 and was given the chance to wake up to day 3. That’s not only an accomplishment, but a blessing as well. I just opened my eyes and I’m already winning!

Greyson is going back to school today so it’s going to be me, Corby and Frank – the new daytime trio here at Chateau Briggs.

I’ve got anxiety over the continued sadness. It’s like I want to force it to stop but I can’t. No one can on the earth. Only a higher power can carry me through this and I’ve got to trust that.

I’ve been trying to put my sadness in a box, but I’m going to try to give it some space instead. Then, as soon as all the light reaches the sadness, I’ll let it go. Just like I do with my roses.

Recently, the fullest, most beautiful rose in my vase caught my eye. I held it and admired it for awhile. I even took selfies with it 🙂 After a few days, just like all the other roses, it began to wilt. I appreciated it as the most beautiful flower. When it was time, I carefully dried it out, separated its petals and sent it back to the earth with the most loving intention.

Feel it, give it space and let it go. That’s life. The good and the bad. Everything comes to an end and the end means the beginning of something new.

It’s all for a higher purpose, but growing pains are real and I’m exhausted. Thank goodness we’re never given more than we can handle.

Coffee/tea/water vessels up! Cheers to making it this far. I am pretty proud 💖

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