:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 15

Challenge day 15.

After a fairly gentle battle between my brain and body, at 4 am, I cancelled my 5:15 am class in Highland.

I’ve been processing the feelings since then. Guilt is lingering. I miss the energy, the people, the burn, the sweat 😐

But I also got to snuggle extra with my husband, crawl straight into a hot bath and I stretched deeper, knowing I made the right decision 😌

I received too many signs I needed to rest after yesterday’s workout. I’m not injured, but a few parts that have never been worked so hard in their life want me to chill for a minute. It’s time to burn slow, girl 🔥

Thank you, Ashley, for reminding me to listen to my body. People might want to steal your goats, but you are truly a fantastic shepherd 😘🐐👊🏼Your guidance and honesty are more than appreciated 🙏🏼

No gym this morning, but I’ll do the right movements to honor myself throughout the day 💗🕊💪🏼👣🌳🌞🕉

:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 14

Today is day 14 of this 21 day challenge. Two weeks down. 7 days to go. I’m kind of killing it 💥👊🏼💥

4:45 am in Hartland with Rachelle 🔥💪🏼💦😳💦

I very much enjoy her energy. It’s different than what I’m used to, but I’m getting more comfortable with it each time we share space 💛

I get pretty nervous in Hartland. It’s still so new. It’s different.

After warmups, I told Ashley there’s no way I could partner with Carlos because I didn’t want to slow him down. One second later, Rachelle paired me up with Cindy and Ashley whispered, “Cindy is awesome. You’ll be fine.”

Enter Cindy ❤️💪🏼 I was scared and clueless, but totally trusting the souls within those walls. You counted. You reminded me to drink water. You cheered me on when I totally wanted to stop. You gave me tips. You complimented my form. You corrected my form. You were a calm, yet very powerful energy. I’m so grateful to have met you this morning. Thank you so much for holding space for me today 💖 🙏🏼💛🌟

Rachelle pushed my good-for-nothing abs harder, as if she wasn’t feeling it from Chris’s workout yesterday 😜 But I kept freaking trying. It’s hard to try so hard, over and over again, and keep failing. But you just keep trying. Over and over. And breathe. And try again until your body tells you to stop. Breathe. Repeat. 🔥😵🔥

I was totally ready to get home and crawl in the jacuzzi after that workout. Totally. 100%. Ready. My muscles are tired – in the best way ever.

I really do prefer asscrack of dawn workouts. All that me time before my boys wake up is lovely ❤️

Today is Monday, right?! STOODIS 💥👊🏼💥

:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 13

Challenge day 13.

Ashley picked me up today 😌

7:45 am class in Highland with Chris 💗🔥💪🏼 I’m certain this amazing woman is here to strengthen my wings 😊 Well, more like my whole body, but maybe an emphasis on my wings ☺️

I seriously get confused at the beginning of class when trainers are going through the workout. It’s so quick. And I can’t help but laugh at half of the movements, thinking that there’s no way I can do it. Funny that I always do, even if it’s modified 🌟

I started to understand the writing on the whiteboard today! It’s getting a bit familiar now. But I learned new exercises. I always learn new exercises. A few of which I really, really don’t like.

Why not? The exercises that I dislike the most really make me feel my weakness.

They remind me of the myomectomy and c-sections that killed my core muscles. Pure weakness that I cannot hide from any more. This area, especially my lower abs, is super hard work for me.

They remind me that my shoulders are mush. I know with patience and persistence they will strengthen and I’ll feel better than ever. Right now I feel totally freaking weak.

I smiled through it all. I found myself a spot of sun in the doorway while we spent time on our backs, struggling and pretty much dying at the end of class. The sunshine and a hug from Chris were the highlights of my day at the gym 🌞💖

I drank another smoothie and my belly isn’t happy. I haven’t been eating enough, nor the proper balance of macros today. I’ve swallowed two pieces of gum. I haven’t drank enough water. I drank a couple cups of coffee. Meh.

But the rain 😌 It’s time to chill with the water and wash today away.

:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 12

And on day 12, she rested (in the morning, but not all day).

Adam asks, “Why do you hate yourself so much today?”

“I think this is a thing. I didn’t go to the gym today. I didn’t start out strong.” 😳

He told me to use paracord and tighten my pants, people 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thanks, bro. I blew up in the most loving way possible, pleading he not try and solve my problems. Just listen. Tell me I’d look great in a sheet. Paracord fixes your issues. Not mine. Though, I’m sure it would be useful if I was wearing a sheet 🤷🏻‍♀️

He told me he loves me and was smiling super nice. He told me he cannot believe the changes he’s seeing in my body. That he walked into the kitchen earlier and was taken aback by my physical presence.

Goddess level UP 😌🌻🥰🌟

Adam reminded me this is all about PROGRESSION and not PERFECTION. I’m getting healthier daily. My clothes are fine. I am amazing 💖

I needed to change my perspective. I put on my favorite t-shirt and took my stepdaughter grocery shopping 😊

Madeline and I spent all day together 💞 She laughed and helped me drive through the roundabouts in Brighten as we drove to Costco. We laughed even more as she commented on how terrified I looked. We talked about how good our bodies feel when we eat good. She told me her body doesn’t want garbage food anymore. Me neither, sis ☺️ We were really proud of our purchases!

We made smoothies when we came home and I indulged. Totally over on my carbs today 🤦🏻‍♀️ The guilt came quick.

I couldn’t help but want to run. Physically run. Like, really move my body. We walked our trails as a family, then I split off to put 2 miles of earth under my barefeet while the boys, daddy and sis all played in the front yard.

My feet are screaming, but my body just wanted to run. I let it. My playlist was fantastic, the ground felt good and the breeze was perfect 💛🎶🌳👣

Back at it tomorrow with Chris at 7:45 am. I’m totally looking forward to it 🔥💪🏼❤️

:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 11

Day 11. Can we call today RELEASE?!

Ahhhhhh. So good. So good. I rested hard last night. On the couch, then to bed. All the sleeps. Very good.

4:44 am Rachel remembers that she feels way better when Ashley drives 😊 I prefer the feeling of not leaving my woods physically alone 🤷🏻‍♀️

5:15 am in Highland had me super frustrated with my body but smiling so freaking big. On the inside anyway 😬

Huge thanks to HollyLindseyChris and Ashley for guiding me through this morning. I don’t count well within those walls 🤦🏻‍♀️ I prefer to do the least amount of thinking because it takes so much brain power to try and move my body. Thank you for helping me along 🙏🏼

And to Bill – ALWAYS huge thanks to Bill for such solid support and encouragement 🙏🏼👊🏼

Even when he tells you to push some wonky looking metal thing across a green stage. Then people start to cheer for you 😨 I couldn’t move any faster without stumbling and busting my teeth out. I just wanted to be done 😳 But I did it multiple times. It was easier the second time. I got out of my head by moving and breathing and sweating and dancing just a little bit to Bill’s fun music selection! 🙌🏼❤️🎶

Then, Katie 💖 Thank you for connecting with me since day 1, girl 🙏🏼 I have so many happy emojis for you! Patience, kindness and balance. I feel it. We’re all in this together. It’s a thing! ✌🏼❤️💪🏼

Killer workout surrounded by the most positive energy from the beginning until the end 

My husband was standing on a log waiting for me when we pulled in. “Yes, Ash. He’s always on a log. Or in a tree. Or on a bike. Doing tricks. Human monkey.”

I thanked him for his support, gave him a smooch and sent him on his way with my heart smiling because he’s driving to his dream job 🚲 It’s been a hard road, but our souls finally smiled at each other this morning. So good 

Legit smiling through it all over here 😊🚪💫

Sitting in so much gratitude 💖

Ready to do my day 💥👊🏼❤️

:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 10

Day 10, right? Toughest morning and workout of the challenge, hands down.

The games your head plays with you are crazy. I had a heart attack this morning when my alarm went off. I sprang out of bed like I was being robbed. Then I remembered where I was and what I needed to do.

I felt the anxiety fill my body, straight down to my fingertips. It’s like sand. It rushes in cool and stays heavy. Crazy. I got dressed. I walked in my driveway with the bunnies for a bit.

The drive in was very hard. Very very hard. I did it. I even walked in the building without Ashley. Put my shoes on. Walked into the room. By myself.

I focused on my breathing. That’s all I could do. Enter Chris 😇 You are such a warm spirit. I felt instant relief. Lighter breath. Thank you for bringing yourself to the gym today, m’lady. You were the first light I felt 🙏🏼💛

I kinda met Bonnie 😊 I couldn’t formally introduce myself because I couldn’t talk and breathe at the same time upon entering the room. Thank you for feeling out my energy. Thank you so very much for giving me this space 🙏🏼

Ashley pushed me without words. It was what we needed. It was stupid hard, but we did it. And I’ll do it every day if i can.

Get up. Show up. Never give up.

Other bodies helped me today, too. No one went unnoticed 🙏🏼 Some people are becoming comfortable. I’m enjoying this feeling in such a foreign place 💖

Today was tough. Super, duper tough. Tears hit me as soon as I exited those walls. We’re all “crazy” for doing it so early. But we all do it for a purpose. Heavy stuff. Physically and/or emotionally 😳 Whatever your story is, I super appreciate you filling the room this morning. Every body.

So yeah. I cried all the way home. Doing the most uncomfortable work is so tough. Being embarrassed because you can’t move your body is super tough. Killing that ego. In all the ways. The good work. From the inside. Super tough.

I’m gonna kill this heavy vibe with some animal energy. The zoo? Aquarium? Nature center? I don’t know. An adventure is to be had. Momma has got to lighten up.

But first, the good fuel ❤️💪🏼🔥🥚🥬🍳🐷🐔

:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 8

Challenge Day 8. Kinda high-ish energy in the morning, happy, dirty feet and wild boys in the afternoon, low energy in the evening.

Too many feelings today, to be completely honest. New moon got me trippin’ 🌚

I couldn’t figure out what was happening when my alarm went off this morning. It clicked in (kind of) but I did the wake up thing on my second alarm. This was the first day I didn’t wake up alert.

No Ashley today and it was an uncomfortable thought, but I didn’t let it become a feeling. I wasn’t alone. Being alone isn’t a thing when you are inside of those walls. It’s a great place to feel like you’re part of something good 💛

Today’s workout highlights include:

• Katie and Carlos – you guys were just what I needed today. Thank you for burning slow with me ☺️🙏🏼🔥💪🏼

• Outside time! I belong outdoors. Maybe not running in tennis shoes on asphalt, but it’s a great variance to my normal barefoot jogs 🤷🏻‍♀️ It was just really nice to get the fresh air 🌳

• Hangs! I’ve been trying to hang for awhile. My first hang today was comfy. But not after burpees. My hang game sucks even worse then. Burpees suck. I do not enjoy them. I tried my hardest.

• Squat pulses (or something like that) killed my soul. My body rebelled. Big time. But I practiced for the rest of the day and I think I’m getting the hang of it ☺️

• I met Lindsey and watched her bust out burpees like athletic people do. Impressive and inspiring, girl!

My nutrition is STILL on point and I’m super proud of that ⭐️ My fuel is good. It feels good!

Today was a long day. Feeling all the feels (x10) and really just ready to crawl in bed and sleep.

My body wants a good stretch. A foam roller. Slow jams. Moon light… I’m always rushing time 😏

Here’s to a less heavier day tomorrow. I get to sweat in a brand new shirt at 4:45 am! It’s going to get so wet 😝

:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 7

Challenge Day 7, folks! First week with shoes on at a gym in the books!

Another wake up without an alarm kind of morning ☺️ Today was the first day I drove myself to make myself sweat like a beast at 4:45 am. That takes some will power, people! High five to every soul in that room. For real. It’s hard that early. Even 5:15 am is easier than 4:45 am.

I met Rachelle 🙏🏼⭐️💪🏼

Between Ashley next to me pushing herself while (kind of) smiling at me (sometimes) and Rachelle’s not super gentle but authentic and kind encouragement, I kept trying my freaking hardest. My Nahko shirt was soaked. I love sweating in that shirt ✌🏼🧡 🎶

Thank you for this morning, Rachelle. You set me up for a fantastic day 🙌🏼

I drove home to my favorite songs and showered ice cold for far too many songs. Adam and I learned about the Wim Hof Method a couple years ago and it’s changed my life. I’ll leave the link here if you’re interested ❄️💨❄️https://youtu.be/Np0jGp6442A

I’ve also adjusted my macros based on the recommended nutrition guide for the program. Getting over the number of carbs is huge for me. Good thing I’m like, totally becoming a professional at getting over stuff 💁🏻‍♀️Not so much 😬

I’ll take all your good vibes to carry me through the breaking dumb beliefs about nutrition once and for all 

Good carbs are our friends. Lots of fat hurts a gallbladderless body. I’ve got this balance. We good. We good 🙌🏼

It’s a busy day and I’m wearing my favorite pants today. They already fit me better than they did a week ago 😍

:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 6

Challenge Day 6. Another day not at the gym. I feel guilty. Back at it tomorrow at 4:45 am. Always nervous, but totally excited.

I have the opportunity to go as much as I want for 21 days. I agreed to go at least 3 times a week for 3 weeks. 5/7 days isn’t that bad for a total newbie 😉

I meal prepped straight from the nutrition guide that came with the program. Shopping took a bit longer, but I’m so ready to rock this week, starting with a new moon 🌑💪🏼💥

:: 21 Day Challenge :: Day 5

Challenge Day 5: Self proclaimed Rest Day.

Legit sad not to see Ashley today or go to her happy place 😕 I totally felt hungover when I woke up this morning after getting 9 hours of sleep 😳 It was tough to get up and moving.

I took my boys to do a Cub Scout service project in the morning and I worked on sitting, squatting and not freaking out over creepy crawlies and ticks.

I spent A LOT of time today figuring out my nutrition business following the suggested diet. I’ve been eating clean, but I haven’t been able to hit my daily macro goals. I figured it out. A lightbulb went off. I’m close to hitting the percentages now, but now I need to increase intake. Simple for others, tough for me. But I got it!

No real highs or lows today… Fairly calm was pretty nice. But I did miss feeling that “high” after a 45 minute sweat sesh with all the people wearing shoes on their feet 🤣 It just makes me that much more excited for Monday!

Now that I have this nutrition stuff figured out, I’m kind of feeling like next week will be even better than the last ⭐️💪🏼😊

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